Bike Commuting in Style and Comfort Just Got a Lot Easier


We’ve all been there. Shuffling through neon cycling jackets and bulky, diaper-like padded shorts at the local sporting goods shop desperately in search of something, anything, that doesn’t look hideous. It’s tough out there, and there aren’t a lot of cycling apparel brands that understand that while women want functionality, comfort and technical performance in their bike-friendly apparel, they also want style and beauty. Why are we forced to choose between a highlighter yellow reflective skinsuit or a casual jean with a slightly higher back rise marketed for cycling?

Fear not, girlfriends, because Pixi is a new women’s cycling apparel brand that has launched an amazing line of flattering performance leggings in a variety of styles, all of which come with a super chic removable butt pad (affectionately called a TushCush). Designed like a padded bra for your booty but functioning to protect you from bike seat discomfort, the TushCush is contoured and provides ample cushioning to your lady bits without looking bulky. In fact, the TushCush is shaped so naturally that it seems to disappear under the pant altogether.

Perhaps my favorite part about the TushCush is that it can be easily inserted and removed from the pant without ever taking the pant off. That's right, the days of scrambling to find a bathroom to do a full outfit change before someone sees you waddling around in your padded cycling shorts are over!

TushCush aside, the line of leggings Pixi has launched are envy-worthy by themselves alone. They are constructed with a breathable fabric that wicks away sweat making them perfect for indoor cycling workouts, hot yoga, and running. The fabric is constructed with a tight knit, making it completely sheer-proof so you’ll always feel confidently covered whether you’re in downward dog or racing on a downhill. Designed with the commuter in mind, each pant includes reflective elements to keep you visible in low light and a front pocket to hold all your essentials.

Pixi’s line of high-waisted bottoms will include a ¾-length cropped legging and a full-length legging to start, with a short and capri in the works as stretch goals to suit all active styles. The TushCush pads will be sold individually and in packs of three, six, and ten, all of which are interchangeable with every pair of the bottoms. Pixi’s Kickstarter campaign launched today with a pledge target of $20,000 to get the first line of production under way. For more information and updates on Pixi, check out their website here.



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