Bike Fashion Outfit Ideas - Autumn in the City


With the new season, I've been working on new projects and trying out new bike fashion outfit ideas. One day a week I cross the Bay into West Oakland, then bike into Berkeley, where I help out a bike light company with their social media and marketing. Even though the office dress code is best described as warehouse casual, I have not yet succumbed to peer pressure.

Recently we had a little long-awaited rain (California's in the middle of a record-breaking drought) and with it came a drop in temperature. It's unusual as October is actually San Francisco's Summer. Which has made it easier to experiment with layers and textures when I get dressed for work.

Starting with my new Closca Helmet. The wool newsboy style of the detachable helmet cover seemed a natural pairing with my printed vintage Albert Nipon skirt. 

The silk print is a trompe l'oeil herringbone pattern scattered with falling roses. It's a theme that mixes traditional masculine and feminine details. So I repeated it by wearing my great-grandmother's confection of a blouse with a motorcycle jacket. In bright red of course. It's important to be noticed while on the road, you know.

Since I couldn't resist, I had to carry the matchy-matchiness further with red tights and red can-can boots that I picked up when I lived in Milan seven years ago. They've been resoled a few times and kissed with their share of chain grease. But I prefer how they look now with their patina than when I first saw them in the shop window.

Anyone else looking forward to Fall's fashion possibilities? Now that the weather's cooled off, I don't feel the need to hold back.

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