Runway to Bike Lane - 10 Chic Helmets


Walk into the typical Local Bike Shop (LBS) and you're unlikely to find one good-looking lid, let alone 10 chic helmets in the latest colors. So I rounded up a selection of stylish head-protectors that are perfectly on-trend for the Fall 2014 season, based on this highly-researched report from a top fashion forecasting agency. Here are ten cool helmets that'll turn your bike lane into a runway.


1. Closca Newsboy Helmet

I'm a big fan of helmets that take style cues from hats. This tweed newsboy-style from Closca is just the thing to top off a classic garçonne ensemble. Thanks to the breathable cover, it's a good choice for cyclists who find urban style helmets too hot.

  Bandbox Bostonian sold out

2. Bandbox Helmet - The Bostonian

This helmet cover doesn't just look like a hat, it is a hat. Bike Pretty favorite Bandbox Helmets, LLC combines polymer science with old-school millinery. A proprietary base helmet (which meets U.S. CPC certifications) can be paired with multiple covers. All made from real hats.

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3. Martone Cycling Co. Helmet

Fashion-insider turned bike-builder Lorenzo Martone is the genius behind the most fashionable bicycles on the market. The pretty bikes are distinctive for their bright red chain. Here he brings the signature shade to an equestrian inspired bike helmet. In this case, red means go.


4. Sawako Furuno Leopard Cycling Helmet


Sure. Saying that "leopard is hot for Fall" is nearly as groundbreaking as noting that we'll all be wearing florals for Spring. But there's a good reason. When it comes to building a stylish wardrobe, leopard print is actually a neutral.


5. Closca Waterproof Cap Helmet

Designed in Spain for the urban, style-conscious commuter, this lightweight helmet features a foldable design for easy stowing. It's the perfect helmet for bike share members who don't want to lug around a bulky lid.

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6. Bern Lenox Helmet in Black Satin

Because sometimes basic black is just a little too basic, this sleek all-season style from Bern features gold details. It's like giving your commute the Midas touch. I love how the brim is lined with gold. So flattering!


7. SAHN Classic Matte Blue

Unlike Bern, SAHN helmets are all about style--not sport. The smooth matte shell is ventilated by "internal cooling channels." This is the helmet to wear when you slow your roll, the better to show off your Vivienne Westwood skirt suit.


8. Smith Maze Bike Helmet in Magenta

From Carven to Chanel, pink is everywhere this season. While shrink it and pink it has a checkered past in the bike industry, when it comes to the runways, it's all about making a big statement. Literally. Pink and pastel coats were enormous. Considering the relentless grey tones of the city in Winter, this on-trend shade is practically hi-viz.

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9. Sawako Furuno - Madison Beige

One of the best parts of cooler-temp dressing is getting to play with texture. Taking a cue from Givenchy's ultra-luxe fur and paillette combo, this helmet mixes matte and shiny in a subtle leopard print. The warm beige color hints at the charm of vintage compacts.


10. Nutcase Gen 3: Rainbow Stripe Helmet $69.99

Some days it takes forever to get dressed in the morning. It's too hard to narrow down the options. When faced with such a big decision, just wear all the colors. That's what I would do. Enter the Dots, Nutcase's concession to us indecisive types. Sometimes more is more, you know?

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