Bike in a Skirt: Shiny Cycle Chic


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Bike in a Skirt: Shiny Cycle Chic

I frequently bike in a skirt. For this look, I wanted to wear something shiny and eye-catching. Inspiration was kicked off by this amazing black leather boot with a copper colored cuff. I keep it on my Pinterest, naturally.

Laurence Dacade leather boot

It starts off with the copper bottoms. I turned my classic black Born Mary Janes, like these, into a pair of copper heels. The full DIY instructions are coming out tomorrow. The process is fun and simple, and has a big impact.

I layered ornate stockings, like these, over chocolate brown tights, a stylish way to get extra warmth and <ahem> coverage. My copper skirt was on sale for about $10 from American Apparel. My blouse is vintage western wear, similar to this. And I'm wearing my faux-leather covered helmet.

I made my bike at the now-closed San Francisco outpost of the Bamboo Bike Studio. A lot of people ask about the Bambeauty when we're out & about together. I get questions like "How'd you get your bike to look like bamboo?" and "Who made that for you?"

To carry my u-lock and other biking essentials, I used cable ties to attach a thrifted satchel to the rails under my seat. It's been so handy and cute. I think I want to develop the notion more and make something really presentable.

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