As a daily commuter cyclist who definitely sweats the small style-stuff, it's hardly surprising I've developed a real obsession with cool socks. And while it's rare that bike style overlaps with the fashion preferences of tech entrepreneurs,  in this case it makes sense: it's like hi-viz for the feet, amirite? And here at Bike Pretty, we're all about cultivating alternative hi-viz options.

In addition to our preferred choice of leopard, stripes are another good way to get noticed on your bike. So on one of my frequent cross-channel trips to Paris in recent months, I decided to give these striped sheer socks a spin on the Velib'. Their horizontal direction was the perfect compliment to the bright vertical stripes on my mid-century vintage dress. 

This fancy pair was a gift from my friend Matt at Ozone Socks, who noticed I was constantly posting socks-as-hi-viz shots on my personal instagram account. "Bikers are always looking for socks," he said. Indeed. He and I met during a work trip to Tokyo in 2013, which turned out to be a seminal moment in my sock-acquisition history. It's hosiery mecca over there, and I went overboard. But I digress. 

Of course, it helps if you choose footwear that showcases said socks. I don't usually wear heels, but if I'm cycling to an event where I know I won't have to stand for hours on end, I have no problem indulging in some extra height. These peep-toe satin Moschino platforms (vintage; 1990s) were the perfect pairing to showcase my Ozone stripes. 

Like Melissa, I'm a fan of pattern-mixing. I took it up a notch with this matelassé jacquard raincoat, in a subtle monochromatic houndstooth (also vintage; 1960s). Because it's Paris, I indulged in my love of the beret. It seems cliché, but you really can pull these off over there. 

To complete the look, and continue the stripe theme (and because I don't leave home without it), I added my first-edition Bike Pretty bag. The black base and vertical silver stripe went perfectly with the cool tones in my outfit. We've already discussed its velib'-friendly construction

All in all, I felt both stylish and highly visible, from head to toe.


...both coming and going.

A big thank you to Matt and the entire Ozone team for the socks, and to Melissa for her inspiring reminders to always strive for new hi-viz highs.

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