Cool Bike Lights That Don't Need Batteries


I'm really excited about these cool bike lights that don't need batteries. While I am normally very reluctant to post about the many, many (many) Kickstarter campaigns that I flood my inbox, I was immediately seduced by the NEO Friction Free Bikelight. Not only am I posting about them, but I actually pledged so that I could get a front and rear light of my own.

You see, while I consider bike lights to be necessary equipment, I just can't get really excited about any of the models out there. Any bike light set-up seems to have design compromises. For example, you might be constantly swapping out batteries. (Or in my case, forgetting to load up with fresh batteries and finding myself seriously under-lit). And if you use rechargeable  lights, they have to be easy to remove from your bike, and therefore vulnerable to theft. I've lost track of how much money I've spent replacing stolen bike lights.

So until bike manufacturers start building in dynamo lights into bikes (like, hello?, you wouldn't buy a car that didn't include lights) I'll keep searching for something better. Maybe I've found it?

Learn more about NEO Bike lights here:

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