Power clashing + the Loeffler Randal Rider Satchel


Our due date has come and gone and our baby is still in utero. I can't say I'm surprised! As someone who always has a bunch of projects going on, it's inevitable that there will be delays. Sometimes creativity needs a long gestation, gnome sane?

I have already started my informal maternity leave. It's a bit different when you're a self-employed freelance social media manager. Basically I've wound down a lot of my contracts and outsourced the leftovers to colleagues. It's freed up my schedule for all the important napping and eating.

Ironically, now that I have cleared my workload, I've had a fair amount of third trimester insomnia. Usually, I would fill the lull with some new outfit photo shoots. But I haven't been able to ride my bike for a month or so, and I'm not feeling particularly inspired by my current maternity wardrobe of leggings, tank tops, and a rotating selection of silk kimonos. (It gets the job done, but I'm ready for a change.)

Instead, I've used the time to go through some of my old outfit shoots and find photos that I never got around to posting when they were fresh. This particular outfit is from over two years and one apartment ago. Also, I chopped off my hair and got married in the meantime. Despite all those big changes. I still love this outfit! In fact, I wear this coral pink kimono more than ever nowadays.

Power clashing, a.k.a. print-mixing, a.k.a. wearing every pattern you own all at once is a technique that never fails to inspire me. It's one of those fashion don't's that basic people came up with to suck all the fun out of getting dressed in the morning. Okay, I'm kidding. But this mode of dressing can be pretty dang polarizing. A lot of us grew up just accepting that layering patterns was against the rules. So you should definitely try it out for yourself! 

Get the look:

So if one print is awesome–like the speckles that line this beautiful handlebar bag from Loeffler Randall–then it's only logical that five prints are five times as awesome! Science, y'all.

Location notes: we took these photos outside of our old apartment, in Cypress Alley (San Francisco). The Mission has a wealth of beautiful murals and this one by Xavi Panneton is one of my all-time favorites.

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