Cycle Style - Bike in Heels

Biking in Heels Biking in Heels

Cycle Style - How I Bike in Heels

Biking in high-heels is the easiest way to gear up your cycle style. Like me, you might have a pair of heels that fit well, but aren't comfy for a long stroll. Why not take them for a spin instead?

Do keep the ball of your foot on the pedal. This is actually the proper cycling position for better efficiency. Meaning you don't have to work as hard to go as fast. High heeled boots offer more ankle support making them good for your first try.

Don't wedge your pedal against the heel. That puts uncomfortable pressure on your instep. If your sole slips off the pedal, stick a couple of pieces of duck tape on your sole. The non-sticky side of duck tape has enough grip to keep you on your toes. And the printed duck tapes add unexpected flair to the bottom of your shoe.

Velvet Jacket, Leather Jacket Velvet Jacket, Leather Jacket

For this outfit, I wanted to play with textures. I was reluctant to wear velvet with velvet but I think it works beautifully. I'm wearing an old Necessary Objects jacket as a blouse, similar to this one.

Faux leather helmet by Giro. My gold sunnies are the Contessa style (now only available in black) by AJ Morgan.

The gold leather of my Zara jacket has enough richness to stand up to the velvet overload. The chocolate-brown velvet jeans are by 7 For All Mankind and available here.


These John Fluevog Libby Smith's are absolutely my favorite pair of boots. I bike in them all the time, and they have taken on nice distressing over the past two years. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't always careful, and they've been kissed with bike grease. That's the reason I switched to a greaseless belt-drive bike.

Sadly, the Libby Smiths are only available in black on the official Fluevog website. I've been hunting for the other fabulous colorways like purple and cognac for ages. Let me know if you see them in 9.5!

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