Dazzling Blue Gift Guide: Presents for People Who Ride Bikes


Last week Pantone, the venerable color forecasting company, announced 2014's Color of the Year: Puke Purple Radiant Orchid. I must admit, I am disappointed.  Not that I was expecting a pick as awesome as last year's Emerald Green. But it's obvious that the most culturally relevant color from Pantone's Spring Summer line-up is No. 18-3949, a.k.a. Dazzling Blue. Personally, I could care less about the color. Sure, it's a nice true blue. But it'll never be as sexy as Yves Klein's.

What the color lacks in sexiness though, it makes up for in bikeyness. Dazzling Blue is a close sister to the shade that is all over New York's Citi Bikes. The very bike share program that the Wall Street Journal declared a "roaring success" despite some very public naysaying by the WSJ's own important cranky person editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz.

So even though we don't all live in (or anywhere near) NYC, let's celebrate the spirit of the country's most successful bike share system with this similarly-colored gift guide.


Bern Unlimited Bandito EPS Matte Finish Snow Helmet with Black Liner // This nifty helmet is not just for hard knocks. It also keeps the ears toasty warm thanks to the additional liner.

Serfas Thunderbolt USB Headlight and Taillight // As a bikeist, I am always buying bike lights. So a spare pair is an especially thoughtful gift. I loved my Serfas Thunderbold Taillight. It was super-bright in the city and easy to charge via USB. It also fits easily in a pocket.  (I left mine on my bike while I ran into a store. When I came back 5 minutes later, it was stolen.)

Ass Savers SmartAss Bicycle Rain Fender  // This stocking-stuffer is not meant to replace heavy duty fenders that are all kinds of tricky to install. Think of it as an emergency back-up. The fender folds in half and lives comfortably under your saddle all year round. When a sodden situation suddenly occurs, you can unfold it and install as a fender-lite in your seat rails. Voìla, day–and ass–saved.

Loeffler Randall Rider Satchel // The Rider Satchel is an absolutely exquisite handlebar bag. Really it's far too expensive to actually leave on your bike while you park it outside the liquor store or nail salon. But let's dream about how pretty your bike would look with this on your handleabars, okay?

Pringle Blue Socks // When you were a kid and you got socks for Christmas, it was the worst. Now that you're grown and doing your own laundry (kinda, laundry quarters don't grow on trees, gnome sane?) you wish someone loved you enough to give you a pair of cool socks and a lump of artisanal mesquite charcoal for your hipster hibachi.

Otto London Urban Poncho // Let's talk about rain-coats. I think you might've been lied to for your entire life. There's a way better option out there, especially if you ride a bike. That's right, a rain poncho. It's like being a human umbrella. It keeps you dry in a hands-free way and still allows for plenty of air circulation. If you know what I mean. This one even includes tasteful reflective piping and handlebar straps so you can really get your rainy-day bike on.

Fratelli Orsini Everyday Women's Italian Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves // When I lived in Florence, I used to admire the beautiful leather gloves in the shops near the Ponte Vecchio. At the time, I was a poor student and €50 was too much for me to spend on a pair of Royal Blue gloves. Now I'm a poor blogger, so...hint, hint (I'm a size 7).

RydeSafe Reflective Modular Bike Decals Kit // You can't just throw some 3M reflective stripe on a product and declare it "bike-friendly". That shiny sh** needs to look cool, too. That's where these sweet stickers from Rydesafe come in. Add them to your bike, helmet, heels, whatevs. If you're trying to be seen, you might as well look good.

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