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The holiday season is in full swing. Lots of occasions to celebrate with friends and family. And there's always that person who whips out the camera (okay, that's usually me. I love taking party pics!).  Be prepared to look your best and brush up with these 7 Posing Techniques For Non-Models. Via Photography Tuts Plus

I'm a huge fan of hard cider and a bit of a dabbler in DIY. So I'm dying to try this home-made hard cider recipe. Via The Portland Mercury

In the world of bike fashion bloggery, helmets are a polarizing moral issue. In terms of controversy, it even beats out the Idaho stop. Personally, I've been a daily cyclist for over a decade, and I usually wear my helmet. It's a nice piece of protective gear, and some styles are actually quite cute! But I've long suspected that helmets are not the end-all be-all of safe biking. Have the benefits of bicycle helmets been exaggerated? Via Science Nordic

Less than 1% of the commuting public rides a bike to work, according to a 2012 report by the US Census. So for the 99+%, here are 9 reasons why you should never bike to work. Via Huffington Post Green

You're walking down the street, minding your own business, thinking about your life and– "Smile! It's not that bad," or worse, interrupts your thought process. Looking back on my own experiences as a woman in the US, I realized that a big part of the appeal of biking was the way it renders a lot of street harassment out of earshot. For her part, artist-activist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh confronts the intimidation (which is a normalized and engrained part of our culture, btw) directly with her Stop Telling Women To Smile street art project. Via Mass Appeal

Video: A freaking shampoo commercial gave me chills. By the end of the minute-long spot, I had nearly burst into tears, yet also felt hopeful about the future. (Listen, I was not in the throes of PMS!) Watch this ad by Pantene Phillipines. Even the cover of a cover (Mad World, originally by Tears for Fears) that was used so brilliantly in another amazing ad (for a video game) is a statement about the messages we receive as part of society. But for gosh's sakes, don't read the comments section! You've been warned.

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