These Gorgeous Bike Helmets Look Like Hats

Old Straw Hat Bike Helmet

Get your own Straw Hat Bike Helmet!

A hundred years ago, etiquette demanded that a hat be worn whenever you left the house. Nearly every adult, at all levels of society, wore a hat in public. Some well-to-do women changed their hats several times a day depending on the activity. But the twentieth century brought the demise of the once de riguer headpiece.

Elegance on a Bicycle Day June 1942 Elegance on a Bicycle Day June 1942

Coco Chanel and JFK are credited with sparking the hatless mode in women's and men's fashions respectively, but the truth is that millinery began to decline in popularity as a result of the social upheavals around World War I and World War II.

These Gorgeous Bike Helmets Look Like Hats    

Nowadays, almost every hat seems like an affectation rather than a necessary part of looking pulled together. (Baseball caps are a notable exception.) But it's that air of affectation that emphasizes just how stylish the hat wearer is. Since hats are no longer required for the sake of politeness, choosing to add one to your look means your style game is on another level.

helmets look like hats

The power of the hat is real, y'all. My lovely mother and I got to try out a few of these hat-style helmets while checking out the fabulous Palo Alto shop A Street Bike Named Desire.

These helmets consist of a unique base that conforms to US CPSC standards, but has a lower profile than traditional styrofoam styles. The compact size means these helmets can be covered with actual hats. Not just helmet covers sewn to resemble caps. But actual hats that are designed to look fabulous.

 My mom and I had a lot of fun trying out the different styles and posing for pictures.



The hidden base helmet is vented, lightweight, and very comfortable. It's padded with soft foam and lined in quick-dry fabric. It feels very luxurious, especially compared to the standard foam pads in most helmets.


And I think my mom looks so beautiful in the wide-brimmed Straw Hat Helmet!


  • Posted on by Michelle Porter

    hi, love these helmet covers. Are these available in the UK or do they conform to UK standards?
    Many thanks.

  • Posted on by Penny Berlin

    Hi, Im in Spain what are the prices of the hat/ helmets and can I buy online? I have a friend there so may be able to buy in dollars.

  • Posted on by Anne Lewis

    I am looking for a helmet I can use on my bike and small 49cc scooter. Do you have anything that could work for both???

  • Posted on by Jonathan Houghten

    These are fantastic. I will show my wife. Are there any for men?

  • Posted on by Bike Pretty

    Hi Stella,

    You can find the Straw Hat Bike Helmet here in our shop:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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