Tweed Run Street Style: 2014 Teaser


Well now. If you've been leading a life dangerously imperiled by lack of access to the sublime #tweedrun hashtag, fear not, we're here to remind you that the 2014 London Tweed Run went down this past Saturday.

And as per usual, it was a whole lotta fun.  Like, this much fun:

Tweed-Run-2014-London-Bike-Pretty-Photos-Kelly-Miller-8 (1)

Sorting through my photos from the event since has put me in a state of swooning reverie.


...a state punctuated by penny farthings,


...myriad shooting stockings,


cape or two,

Tweed-Run-2014-London-Bike-Pretty-Photos-Kelly-Miller-2 (1)

one extremely covetable and expertly-modeled pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots (we'll get to HRH Karina's full look later),


and a disparate array of tweed-iness (and hosiery) so vast and colorful as to induce a state of shock.


I'm not gonna lie, going back to real life has been difficult.

Call it tweed run withdrawal, if you will: riding through the streets of London minus the 500 fellow tweed-ified lunatics cyclists at one's back is frankly just not as much fun.

So until next year, we'll just have to find solace in the photos, and inspiration in the details.

I was happy to note some signature Bike Pretty techniques in this year's crop:

Tweed-Run-2014-London-Bike-Pretty-Photos-Kelly-Miller-1 (1)

E.g., knotted skirts


& milk-maid braids (even better with fox fur and chartreuse leather gloves),


ample examples of cycling in heels,


handlebar-mounted bags (hey, @cyclodelic!),


and a few nods to the oft-turbaned patron saint of Bike Pretty herself, one Ms. Catherine Baba.


I can't wait to be ringin' mah bell and blockin'double-deckers again next year.Er, rather, photo-marshalling from the back of Peter Georgallou's cargo bike (Ed. note: This above photo via 8and2; thanks guys!)


In the meantime, looks like I need to get my bike-bar up to Quirkessentials' level.

I like the back-up merlot [for when the gin runs out]; nice touch.

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