I'm Obsessed with Cycle Chic


Have you ever felt like someone understood your soul in a way that you didn’t even know was possible? 

Discover Cycle Chic

Discover Cycle Chic: Photo of a caucasian woman wearing a dress and posing with a yellow bicycle

That's exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon Caz's website, Cycle Chic, back in 2012. Caz was already on a mission to make riding a bike cool, stylish, fun, and feminine, and her website was the perfect antidote to the Lycra-clad, sport-focused approach that typically dominates the cycling industry.

Chic & Practical Accessories

Chic & Practical Accessories: Overhead photo of two well-dressed women riding bicycles

If you're looking to elevate your cycling game with chic and practical accessories designed specifically for women, Cycle Chic has got you covered. Tap here to explore a hand-picked selection of stylish and functional gear that will make your cycling experience a truly enjoyable one.

Enter the Cycle Chic World

Enter the Cycle Chic World: two smiling women wear cute helmets and ride bikes next to each other.

Browsing through Cycle Chic's website is like entering a Wes Anderson-inspired world of the most beautiful bicycle attire and accessories. It's the online home for those of us who believe that cycling can be both practical and fashionable, and that women should have access to gear that meets both of these criteria. 

Practical & Fashionable Gear

Practical & Fashionable Gear: a 3 by 3 grid of 9 photos showing various bike baskets, people on bikes, and bicycle attire

So, why wait? Start browsing the Cycle Chic selection of stylish and practical cycling accessories designed for the aesthetically sensitive now!

Browse Cycle Chic Now

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