At the most recent San Francisco Tweed Ride, I got to photograph one of my very favorite stylish cyclists. Jill Quindiagan is a talented artist, a crafting extraordinaire, and a hardcore bikeist that does hella miles each week.

On Twitter, Jill goes by the handle LaVelolita, which is the best freakin' twitter name ever. Try and think of a better one. If you have one, leave it in a comment below. I'll wait.

Anyways, the way Jill combines her love of Lolita fashions and stylish cycling is always a delight. Every time one of these style rides comes along, I can't wait to see what Jill's wearing. The attention to detail that this woman puts into one meticulous outfit. It's amazing!

Learn more about Jill Quindigain's art here. She's also taking commissions for personalized portraits. Just imagine getting your mug immortalized by a real artist. How dope would that be?

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