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A woman rides a bikes near a mural on San Francisco's Valencia Street

A woman rides a bikes near a mural on San Francisco's Valencia Street

Winter biking continues to fascinate me. Fortunately there is no shortage of fashionable ladies making it happen in snowy climes. I am in awe. Via Eleanor's As a dedicated vintage-picker, this is my dream weekend getaway. All the best stuff is in small towns, don't you know? Via The New York Times

Professional cheerleaders are beautiful, athletic, and hardworking. They are also shockingly underpaid. Fortunately these so-called sweater monkeys are fighting back.Via The Atlantic

Even though I'm working on a handbag, I found myself completely identifying with the unexpected struggles of this budding plus-size clothing designer. Via xoJane

I'm also a devotee of that big vintage shop in the sky cloud. But it's not heaven, it's eBay. Here are 15 tips for buying clothes on the auction behemoth. Via Beauty Valued

I've never been a fan of Coach, the ubiquitous American handbag label. But I'm super-excited about the brand's revamp under designer Stuart Vevers. Via Bag Snob

Just by reading this post, I feel like I'm on my way to joining the ranks of Isabella Blow, Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfeld, and Jane Birkin. Okay, maybe not, but I'm ultra-inspired to develop my signature look with this in-depth how-to. Via Into Mind

Lying Panther doesn't even use a real picture of himself on his online dating Amazon profile. Via

In honor of the Winter Olympics, Laura Jacobs profiles the astonishingly commercial career of Sonja Henie, the original  figure skating superstar. Via Vanity Fair

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