• California Soul - Introducing The Cass Clutch

    California Soul - Introducing The Cass Clutch

    To make a great bag, I learned that you have to respectyour customer (as well as admire her for her impeccable taste). What you carry determines what you'll be able to accomplish, how far you'll be able to go, and how ready you'll feel to take on any challenges that come your way...
  • Stylish Bags for Bike Babes

    Stylish Bags for Bike Babes

    Bike babes deserve equally stylish bags. When you've carefully crafted an outfit, it's only natural that you'd want an accessory worthy of your ensemble. Even more importantly, you need options. Fortunately Mme Velo has come out with an extensive collection of chic cycling bags that you attach to your bike.
  • Unboxing the Bike Pretty Bag

    Unboxing the Bike Pretty Bag

    Last week I hand-delivered a Bike Pretty Satchel to my friend Mayka right before she skipped town for the long weekend. Somehow (elves?) she managed to post this delightful unboxing video just a few hours after we parted. Check it out:
  • Bike Pretty on the Paris Vélib

    Bike Pretty on the Paris Vélib

    So you're headed to Paris.  Well guess what? You're in luck: the Bike Pretty satchel is Vélib-compatible! I know what you're thinking. "It has a basket, what is this girl talking about?" Listen, guys: you need that basket space for lots of other things. Things like boulangerie goodies, the flowers for your friend who just had a baby, and the spoils of those last-minute French pharmacy...
  • Everyday Bike Bag: The Bike Pretty Satchel

    Everyday Bike Bag: The Bike Pretty Satchel

    You guys, I feel like I've been locked away in bike bag land for months. My Bike Pretty Satchel is finally now on sale. It's a big milestone in my journey as a designer/entrepreneur. And a good moment to remember what inspired me in the first place. Bikes are amazing machines. Stick one between your legs, and distances magically shrink. An hour wasted in traffic becomes...
  • Must Read Links

    Must Read Links

    A woman rides a bikes near a mural on San Francisco's Valencia Street Winter biking continues to fascinate me. Fortunately there is no shortage of fashionable ladies making it happen in snowy climes. I am in awe. Via Eleanor's As a dedicated vintage-picker, this is my dream weekend getaway. All the best stuff is in small towns, don't you know? Via The New York...
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