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No shirt, no skirt, no problem.

No shirt, no skirt, no problem.

Bike Babes Deserve Equally Stylish Bags

When you've carefully crafted an outfit, it's only natural that you'd want an accessory worthy of your ensemble.

Even more importantly, you need options. Fortunately Mme Velo has come out with an extensive collection of chic cycling bags that you attach to your bike. 

More than any other bag company, these panniers are directly inspired by the It Bags that have dominated the fashion industry for the past decade.

Lovely gold bike.

Lovely gold bike.

At times, the homage verges on copying, as with this cream-colored pannier that looks suspiciously similar to the iconic Phillip Lim Pashli leather satchel.

But it's not like you're about to screw a couple of pannier hooks into the back of the Pashli's softly pebbled calfskin. On the other hand, it is hard to imagine that Phillip Lim wasn't inspired by this Pashley. Especially considering the designer's penchant for girls on bikes.

It's refreshing to find a pannier label that refuses to allow a stitch of technical nylon into the construction. It sounds contradictory, but biking doesn't have to be sporty. So why should your accessories look like they're about to scale a mountain in a snowstorm?

"We are a young company created by four friends who are scattered all over the world. Importantly, it does not constrain us, and expands horizons. We share the love for fashion, bicycles and everything beautiful and original, and above all, energy, creativity and the need for continuous development."

Learn more about Mme Velo and their mission here.

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