Urban Cycle Gear for Men from Hub and Bespoke


"We at Hub and Bespoke believe that there is nothing like traveling by bicycle to get around town. Yet we find that much of the apparel for people who ride bikes is simply not suitable for urban destinations."

Finally, people who get it! Hub and Bespoke is a Seattle shop that sells cute clothes, gear, and helmets for urban cyclists. The whole point is to outfit urban cyclists with clothes that look as good as they perform.

Besides stocking great labels like Iva Jean, Good Ordering, and ahem Bike Pretty, they also design their own products. One year after launching a super stylish Women's Riding Coat, shop owners Juliette and Aldan have turned their attention to menswear.

Back vent lined with reflective material, for ease and visibility.

Back vent lined with reflective material, for ease and visibility.

Reflective 'fins' can be tucked away when off the bike.

Reflective 'fins' can be tucked away when off the bike.

"Our mission is to support city bicycle commuters who travel short distances--usually about 7 miles or less. For us, these trips are often faster and more convenient by bicycle than other modes of travel. We also hope to entice more people to choose biking for getting around town. Our dream is to live in a city where the bicycle has transformed our streets into a quieter, more social space."

"See a bead, it does not bleed."

"See a bead, it does not bleed."

The Waterproof Men’s Riding Coat takes a classic pea coat, ditches the heavy wool, and transforms it into a functional biking jacket with lots of rad details.
Keep those sexts close to the breast.

Keep those sexts close to the breast.

Does it pass the sniff test?

Does it pass the sniff test?


• A Bike-Friendly Cut - The sleeve shape and a rear pleat allow a comfortable reach in an arms-forward position.

• Venting - Air flows in through zippered vents on the chest, and out through rear vents under the back yoke.

• Hide-able Reflectivity - Reflective details on the sleeves, under the collar, in the back pleat, and in the tail vent increase visibility during the ride, but are subtly concealed when off the bike. 

• Waterproof Fabric - The outer is made of a two-ply waterproof nylon fabric. Seams are not taped so this is not a coat for mountaineering, but for most city trips, the waterproofness will be more than adequate.

• Extra Coverage - The collar and lapel turn up and fasten to protect the front and back of the neck during cold or wet weather, while the double-breasted cut keeps the rider’s lap dry during wet rides. An inner drawstring adjusts the waist to accommodate additional layers.

Hub and Bespoke is currently seeking funding for this coat with a Crowd Supply campaign. Planning to sell the coat at $299 in the shop, you can snag one at the pre-order price of $239 until the campaign ends on October 15.

Considering all the careful details, the quantity of reflective material used, and that it's made in USA, I would not expect this coat to retail for less than $600. As a designer, I'm kind of amazed at how they can keep production in Seattle and sell it at such a low price. Clearly, they are getting really low margins on this product.

If you're curious about fit, on September 24, you can visit the shop and try on a sample before you buy.

Check out the coat in motion in this short video.

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