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I've spent the last two weeks collecting these must read links for you. Have a fantastic weekend catching up with your girl, milan, bike in milan, fixie, hipster, tattooed cyclist, tattoo bike, bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, cycle style, fashion bike, bike fashion, bike chic, bike style, cycle chic

☞ Must watch: party season is fast approaching, brush up on your social etiquette with this how-to video narrated by the dulcet tones of Jason Schwartzman. “Sneezing the right way can mean the difference between making a new friend and making an enemy." Via YouTube

☞ Once you start going on bike rides that last an hour or longer, you might notice a little saddle soreness. Troubleshoot your seat issues with this very detailed guide to female anatomy and saddle discomfort. Via Lovely Bicycle

☞ You're a responsible shopper. You also want to look good without breaking the bank. So why does it seem impossible to find well-made, ethically-produced clothing that fits your body type, at a reasonable price? Check your expectations as a consumer against the realities of the market. Via Already Pretty

☞ “Don't ask ‘What do you think of my bloomers?’” and other advice for Ladies, from an 1895 guide for women on bicycles. One of my favorites: Don't cultivate a "bicycle face". Via Brain Pickings

☞ Franca Sozzani, of Vogue Italia, is the most interesting editor-in-chief. Seriously, she has a totally unique point of view (something that is desperately lacking from US Vogue). So it's a treat to read about her beauty routine, and get a little insight into her process. Via Into The Gloss

☞ Video: 8 ways to wear a scarf, in under 2 minutes. For very little effort, a scarf adds a lot of polish to an outfit. I've mastered a couple tried-and-true techniques for wearing them. But I'm definitely inspired to expand my repertoire after watching this slick video how-to. Via TuLi

☞ Car free living is easy in the city. But what if you want to, you know, see a real tree or smell some fresh air once in a while? What's a nature-loving, bike-riding babe to do? Enter OffMetro, a travel site specializing in inter-modal, automobile-less getaways. They recently launched the San Francisco edition and are hosting a photo competition to celebrate the best of the Bay. Check out the current entries and add a few of your own. Who knows? You might win. Via OffMetro

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