Must Read Links: Cycle, Chic, and The City


Must Read Links: Exploring Cities And Chic

On a bike, San Francisco's streets become your friends (Hi, Harrison), or frenemies (talking about you, Steiner), or that weirdo you avoid making eye contact with (Divisadero). But it's not all about avoiding traffic and hills, as this interactive map shows by revealing the history of San Francisco's place names.

I like my celebrity gossip well-aged and with a healthy dose of academic analysis. This two-part series on Gloria Swanson by Anne Helen Petersen is the on-line equivalent of a page-turner (page-scroller?).

Nicholas Ghesquiere speaks! He opens up about his (seemingly) abrupt departure from Balenciaga, but it's really a story that explodes the myth of the lone creative genius.

Finally, a shot of cycle chic: Jane Aldridge, the brilliant redhead with a charmed life, has put together her guide to biking in style over at her blog Sea of Shoes.


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