We love getting photos of our beautiful customers in their Straw Hat Bike Helmets. It makes us proud that they are showing off their great style. So proud that we want to show them off too!

While biking in Provence

While on a sporty ride

While stopping to enjoy the view

While riding through the vineyards. Read more about Dale's experience here.

While inspiring an artist

While cultivating an air of mystery

While riding a cool e-bike in style

If you've got a Straw Hat Bike Helmet, we'd love to see how you wear it. Whether it's just around the neighborhood or on the bike trip of a lifetime, we want to see it!

Learn more about the Straw Hat Bike Helmet here.


Let's keep this going...


Rita Harris:

I agree….. Your straw hat is adorable! For those of us with bike helmets already, we are seeking an alternative for Tweed Rides.

How about creating a Boater Hat that can be slipped over our existing helmet? How about a top hat sort that can be used for riding bike or horse?

Would LOVE to hear ideas!

All the best from the glorious green Northwest…..

Rita Harris
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Apr 24, 2020

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