Closing discount offer on Ivalieu for Bike Pretty readers

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In May 2017, I introduced Ivalieu to Bike Pretty readers and I'm back with another special offer.  

Ivalieu ("eye-vah-loo") are modern bloomers, designed to make it easier to stylishly bike to and from the office and anytime in-between. 

Ivalieu turns any skirt into a skort. Slip on under your dress or skirt and you can forget about nuisances like accidental flashing and thigh rub. After all, our wardrobe should work for us, not the other way around.

When I launched in 2015, I heard from lots of ladies who felt the same way:


I've heard authors talk about how they must write, not out of duty or as a burden, but because a story is spinning through their mind and they simply have to get it down on paper.  That was Ivalieu for me. Years ago, I had this thing that I needed to create, an idea and a brand - with photos and stories that would resonate with women like me (aka regular) - and a specialty product designed to make our lives just a bit better. It was so consuming that the only way to get it out of my thoughts was to bring it into real life. So while raising little kids and working full-time, I designed and launched an apparel product line, created a brand, and started a business.

I am proud to have made Ivalieu real: a lovely product crafted with care in Portland, Oregon, using quality materials, and constructed with thoughtful details. That so many ladies enjoy their Ivalieu is so dang thrilling; it's all I wanted.  Yet Ivalieu has remained a passion project, not replacing my primary profession, so when I finally admitted to myself that no one was going to add more hours to each day and that busy-ness is not a legit status symbol, I made the tough decision to close up shop and reclaim a bit of my time. 

These past 3 years of pettipants have been a hoot. It has been my sincere pleasure to be part of the reshoring movement, organize photo shoots with neighborhood ladies, dream up new prints and styles, and, most of all, hear from satisfied customers about the ways that Ivalieu bring them peace of mind, freedom, ease, and comfort.  

As a thank you to Bike Pretty readers for all your love and support, please enjoy an extra 20% off any order, on top of sale prices, with the code BIKEMORE2018. 

Here’s to biking more and feeling as good as you look, which is fantastic!

Use code "BIKEMORE2018" at checkout to get 20% off any order. *

Best wishes,


Creator and Owner, Ivalieu Pettipants

*Offer good until the Ivalieu online store closes, on or before October 20, 2018.

1 comment

  • Posted on by Cindy Dickey

    I would love to find a handsome, well made skirt guard for the rear wheel. It’s difficult to understand the hardware that would need to be installed on the European brands websites. I’m looking for an importer that can supply and easily breakdown what riders like us would require. I’d know they’d sell! Thank you!

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