Review: Pop Sugar Must Have Box

The #MustHaveBox shown with the Gold Nutcase Helmet and the Tandem NY Skirt Weight

The #MustHaveBox shown with the Gold Nutcase Helmet and the Tandem NY Skirt Weight

Have you ever tried a subscription box service? It's a like a care package that you buy for yourself. A self-care package, if you will. A curated mix of products are picked out and sent to you. Although the contents of each box is a mystery, they are usually based around a certain theme or product category like makeup or baby care. I've tried out a few of these, especially in the makeup and skin care realm. 

It's a treat to receive a little box of goodies once a month. In a weird way, subscribing to these services has actually helped me save time and money. While it's true that you never know exactly what you are going to get, I find that this is a feature and not a bug.

Like a lot of internet shoppers, I tend to do a ton of research before buying something online. This leads to a condition known as analysis-paralysis. I'm never quite ready to click that buy button because I'm stuck down a rabbit hole of product reviews. And on the flip side, I also catch myself stopping in the drugstore to impulse buy a few fun products as a pick-me-up only to leave them sitting on a shelf for years. Such a waste!

Subscribing to services like Ipsy (one of my faves!) has pretty much broken me of this habit. I've discovered some really great eyeliners and lip stains that I never would have tried otherwise. What I don't use, I swap on eDivv, a makeup trading site with a ton of options.

So I was excited when POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try.  It came with seven products:

  1. Printed Sarong from Hat Attack - not my taste at all
  2. Cheers Bottle Opener from Sisters of Los Angeles - very cute, but I already have an excellent bottle opener. I'll probably give it away.
  3. "Who Am I?" Game from Wild and Wolf - seems like fun but I almost never play games so I don't think it's worth the shelf space, especially when you can play this version for free.
  4. Born on the 4th Glitter Nail Polish - pretty, but I just don't have a glitter polish lifestyle. I'll probably trade on eDivv.
  5. Compact Mirror from Knock Knock - seems useful so I'll probably keep it
  6. Underarm Deodorant Wipes from Pacifica - fantastic! Perfect for life on a bike or as a busy new mom.
  7. Sriracha flavored pretzel chips from Pressels - these were delicious and saved us from being hangry before dinner last night.

It's a diverse assortment, which PopSugar describes as a way to "discover innovative brands and full-sized products across fashion, beauty, home, and more". In this case, I feel like the diversity is a bad thing. I live in a small apartment in San Francisco, so I have to be really careful about what I keep. Thus consumables are preferred. Especially snacks. I hadn't realized how awesome this could be. Maybe I should give one of these snack boxes a try?

That said, if you've never tried a subscription box before, the POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a way to try out the service and figure out what kind of products interest you the most.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Which means if you click on the link and buy something, I might earn a small commission on the purchase.

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