• How to Bike Pretty

    How to Bike Pretty

    In honor of National Bike Month, and in collaboration with ModCloth, I made a how to bike pretty video. Turns out that ModCloth is totally killing National Bike Month. As part of their month-long focus on all things bicycles and pretty, they invited me to make this short video about my morning routine. I included a few tips and tricks for on-the-bike style. In case...
  • Must Read Links

    Happy Friday! Today we are celebrating Bike Handsome's birthday. So party down with these must read links. ♦ Pulp Fiction is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. 19 years later, it's still genius. This interview with the actor who played Marvin (as in "Aw, man, I shot Marvin in the face.") sheds some light on the tricks Quentine Tarantino pulled...
  • New Makeup - Lena Chavez for Laura Mercier

    New Makeup - Lena Chavez for Laura Mercier

    New Makeup - Lena Chavez for Laura Mercier Today I went shopping for new makeup: more tinted moisturizer and a new foundation. I was pretty sure I wanted to stick with my trusty Laura Mercier for everyday. As it turned out, I got a new foundation, a new face, and a new friend. All because Lena Chavez happened to be working the Laura Mercier counter...
  • Nail Art

    Nail Art

    Nail Art by Revolights Jenn from Revolights is sporting totally badass nail art inspired by the company's logo. It's a cool take on a DIY french manicure. Like if a french manicure went over to the dark side. Without the lettering, I could see cool girls everywhere rocking a similar mani. We met at the San Francisco Bike Expo and she told me all...
  • How To Cut Bangs

    How To Cut Bangs

    How To Cut Bangs How To Cut Bangs - Skip the Scissors! Learning how to cut your own bangs is essential once you get this flattering cut. Trust me. I’ve been sporting this style for decades. Little Melissa When my fringe grows long enough to cover my eyes, I get impatient! And I can’t be bothered to make an appointment with a hair stylist....
  • Makeup Routine: Daily Beauty

    I do my makeup like I ride my bike: fast! As much as I’d love to have a pro apply my makeup every morning, I’m really happy with my current routine. I developed it over a few years of experimentation and now I can put my face on in about five minutes. 0) Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in Lavender 1) First Aid Beauty Ultra...
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