• Bike Pretty at SPIN London

    Bike Pretty at SPIN London

    Bikes? ย Check. ย Good coffee? ย Check. ย Pretty things, nice people? ย Check. We took a spin (har har) through SPIN London last weekend, a biannual event now in its third edition, and came back with this summary of our favourite bike pretty products, people, and moments to share with you. Starting with none other than... SPIN-London-Michaux-Club-Bags-for-Cyclists-Rachel-Bonney-3 1. Michaux Club. ย A former technical designer, Bike Pretty museย Rachel...
  • Bike Fashion Backlash and Why I Bike in Heels

    Bike Fashion Backlash and Why I Bike in Heels

    A response to Shut up about biking in heels via Bike Musings from the West Coast. I'm not a regular reader of that blog and I have no opinion on Bike Musings in general. But the Shut up... post is chock full of my bike advocacy pet peeves. I found myself typing up the longest comment ever and decided that a post of my...
  • Future Luxe: Cool Bike Helmets for Winter

    Holy crap, fashion magazines have a lot of style inspiration in them. Unfortunately, the good stuff is all spaced out over multiple publications and cluttered up with stuff like "words" and "advertisements". Fortunately for you, I consumed several thousand recent issues of style tomes, domestic and international, and hand-culled relevant images forming them into trend collages. I got the digital paper cuts. Now you...
  • Bike Fashion: Win the Iva Jean Reveal Skirt!

    Bike Fashion: Win the Iva Jean Reveal Skirt!

    Ready to step up your bike fashion game? Try biking in a skirt. But not just any old skirt. We're talking about the Iva Jean Reveal Skirt. This clever creation uses high-performance fabric and a strategically placed zip to keep you looking cute on your ride to work. And lucky for us, Iva Jean is sponsoring a giveaway for Bike Pretty readers! The lucky...
  • The Perfect Bike Pant by Iladora

    The Perfect Bike Pant by Iladora

    You guys! Bike fashion is a real thing! Take the Perfect Bike Pant by Iladora, currently in the homestretch of their crowd funding campaign. Designed by a couple of fancy ladies that love bikes, this commuter trouser has lots of yummy on-the-bike features. Like a raised rear waistband to combat whale tail. (Am I the only person that bikes in a thong? Is that...
  • Vintage Outfit Ideas - French Teenager

    Vintage Outfit Ideas - French Teenager

    The Anjou Vรฉlo Vintage bicycle ride had more amazing vintage outfit ideas than I could capture. But I was lucky enough to snap a photo or two as this lovely French teenager rode by. bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, outfit ideas, cycle style, fashion bike, bike fashion, bike chic, bike style, cycle chic, vintage outfit ideas, anjou velo vintage, vintage, vintage style, vintage fashion,...
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