• Have A Happy Halloween By Bike!

  • Bike Pretty Wedding

    Bike Pretty Wedding

    I'm very excited to marry the love of my life–a.k.a. Bike Handsome–today. We're keeping it simple and celebrating with friends and family. And yes, we're all going on a bike ride together.
  • Bike In A Skirt: The Pencil Skirt Challenge

    Bike In A Skirt: The Pencil Skirt Challenge

    Want to try riding a bike in a skirt? Why, it's perfectly easy UNLESS YOU WANT TO WEAR A PENCIL SKIRT. Listen, I'll wear almost anything and ride my bike, but a pencil skirt? No effing way. You see, the tight fit through the thighs makes it impossible to actually pedal my bike. I know this from experience. Bitter, bitter experience. The few times...
  • Fall Bike Fashion - New York City Cycle Chic

    Fall Bike Fashion - New York City Cycle Chic

    Suck it, San Francisco. New York City is quickly becoming the greatest biking city in the US. And of course it has the best bike fashion. desigual-brocade-coat-bike-fashion-in-new-york While in New York this Spring, Kelly captured this lovely woman in her black brocade coat. It's by Desigual and happens to be on sale until Saturday morning. Hurry up and get it. Fall is just around...
  • Bike Fashion: Rachel From Michaux Club

    Bike Fashion: Rachel From Michaux Club

    photos by kelly I've been back from my month-long trip abroad for nearly a week. But my body still believes it's in England. The funny thing is that my usual schedule is quite vampirish. For once I am in sync with the morning people! There was plenty of bike fashion to enjoy during my trip. While in London I had the pleasure of meeting...
  • Cycle Style For A Day in Paris

    Cycle Style For A Day in Paris

    My dear friend Kelly – who lived in Paris for nearly five years – recently told me that every year about a dozen Japanese citizens have to be repatriated from France for a psychological condition called "Paris Syndrome". It's thought to be caused by the extreme disappointment some tourists feel when Paris fails to live up to their expectations. I practically have the opposite reaction....
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