• Anjou Chic: Style Tips for your Next Vintage Ride

    Anjou Chic: Style Tips for your Next Vintage Ride

    1. Plan for inclement weather. Forecasts promise some scary clouds & lightning bolts, so it's best to make like Melissa last year:  bring a light cardigan to cover up that cute '50s-y match set.  And don't think you can get away without hosiery...
  • Beret Baguette Street Style, Paris

    Beret Baguette Street Style, Paris

    Presenting another prime example of the Gallic grace with scarves, and proof that hats really do add a unique dash of panache.
  • London Bike Fashion

    London Bike Fashion

    The top five cities for bike fashion are New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, and Sydney, with London at the head of the peloton pack. How do I know? Because this blog receives more visitors from London than any other city. I'm not the least bit surprised that Londoners are so adept at cycle chic. It's the home of Bike Pretty contributor Kelly and the...
  • Bike Fashion: Twirl Girl with ModCloth

    Bike Fashion: Twirl Girl with ModCloth

    To truly embrace bike fashion with dignity, there's one thing you need to do first. You have to accept that your skirt will fly up. Of course there are ways to avoid it. You can go slowly and barely pedal. You can wear pants. You can stay inside on windy days. But that's boring. And you're not boring, are you? Try this instead: Think...
  • Bike Fashion: Formula for Cool

    Bike Fashion: Formula for Cool

    I really want to call this my Bike Fashion Outfit for Winter Riding. But like my favorite bike-blogging San Francisco mom, I also have absolutely zero winter biking credibility. San Francisco is pretty much 60 degrees all year round. Any ten degree swing in either direction and people around these parts tend to lose their sh**. On the other hand, the consistency of our...
  • Bike Fashion Outfit Ideas For Fall

    Bike Fashion Outfit Ideas For Fall

    It's been ages since I've posted any personal style. One of the reasons is that here in San Francisco, our seasons don't really match up with the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. Our Summer was chilly (and often foggy). And then right after the Equinox, the temperature soared and everyone lost their minds a little bit and hit the beach. But it didn't seem...
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