• Best Bike Print Dresses

    Best Bike Print Dresses

    Besides being the most efficient mode of transport on the planet, the humble bicycle is also a rich source of inspiration for textile artists. Conveying feelings of freedom and a romantic reference to an elegant past, it's no wonder that there are so many beautiful bike print dresses out there. Here is our selection of the very best.
  • 28 Ways to Wear a Straw Hat

    28 Ways to Wear a Straw Hat

    Whether you take your style cues from the very latest Fashion Week street style or black and white movies, the appeal of the classic wide-brimmed straw hat is undeniable. And because we could all use a little style inspiration for how to wear this essential summer accessory, here are 28 ways to wear a straw hat.
  • Transition your bike style from winter to spring

    Transition your bike style from winter to spring

    Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring isn’t always easy. When the weather goes from hot to cold and back again, it can be hard to keep up (and that’s without rain being thrown into the mix). Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up five key pieces for the new season that’ll save you from fashion limbo. From leather jackets to bold patterns, this is what...
  • Street Style Bike Fashion - Gritchelle

    Street Style Bike Fashion - Gritchelle

    Don't worry, Bike Pretty is still focused on featuring bike fashion and street style. Even though my maternity leave has been as action-packed as advertised, I get a moment now and then to go through my unpublished archives. What a treat to come across the smiling face of Gritchelle!
  • Power clashing + the Loeffler Randal Rider Satchel

    Power clashing + the Loeffler Randal Rider Satchel

    Our due date has come and gone and our baby is still in utero. I can't say I'm surprised! As someone who always has a bunch of projects going on, it's inevitable that there will be delays. Sometimes creativity needs a long gestation, gnome sane?
  • My Week on Instagram

    My Week on Instagram

    Check out my Instagram account: @BikePretty. I love Instagram because I get to post little bits and pieces of inspiration so you can get your daily cycle chic fix. Here's a look back at last week's posts.
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