Top Picks for a Cool Bike Helmet


Cool bike helmets for women

Guest Post: Top Picks for a Cool Bike Helmet

Guest blogger, Alison Lucien of Eleanor's: Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies, picked out a few adorable helmets for us.

UPDATE - Check out our list for Fall

My mom always told me "Alison, wear a helmet!"

But I can admit that I'm guilty of not wearing a bike helmet.

"It's too hot and I'll get all sweaty," or "It's going to mess up my hair" are only a couple of the excuses I have made to NOT wear a bike helmet. Why should I sacrifice my personal style by wearing a dorky helmet?

So I made it my quest to find the perfect stylish urban helmet. At first, I found that most helmets were designed for sport cycling. I wasn't about to embark on a triathlon. I just needed a helmet to keep me safe as I rode my bike to Sunday brunch with friends or to the local farmers market to pick up my weekly CSA. I needed a helmet that complimented my style.

Here are my top picks for sleek head-gear that won't leave you looking feeling like a dork (in no particular order).

#1 Sunset Helmet. Hand-painted by a Brooklyn-based company called Inkwell Helmets. This company transforms a safety necessity into a super-chic accoutrement.


#2 Equestrian Style Helmet. This English style horse-riding helmet has a great look, but isn't recommended for biking. Try a similar dressage-inspired multi-sport helmet.


#3 Hövding Invisible Helmet. While riding a bike, the Hövding is worn as a collar around the neck. The collar has sensors and a folded up airbag that pops out only if you happen to have an accident. This is the ultimate stylish bicycle helmet!


#4 Yakkay Helmet Yakkay sells a basic helmet style and a range of covers. You're sure to find options that fit your personal style. You can even buy multiple covers and match your outfit every day of the week.


Want more? Check out my updated list of 10 Chic Bicycle Helmets!

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