Can I make my own straw hat helmet?


Can I make my own straw hat helmet? 

I'm so glad we could inspire you! Yes, it is possible. All of our Straw Hat Bike Helmet covers are made by hand, so if you have some sewing skills, familiarity with millinery, and an experimental spirit, you can probably make your own straw hat bike helmet.

Helmet covers stay on without glue

All of the hat-style helmets on our website use interchangeable covers so you can easily change up your look. We also do not use any glue to attach the covers to our helmets. Glues often contain solvents that can degrade your helmet’s ability to protect you in a crash. Our helmets are US CPSC and EN 1078 certified safe when covered by our specially designed "hat".

A brim that's flexible and functional

For added safety the Straw Hat Bike Helmet cover is designed to be "breakaway" ​(as in it slips on and off) ​and is completely separate from the underlying bicycle helmet. The brim itself is flexible and easily compressed. It is reinforced with thermoplastic memory wire ​to maintain shape and keep the brim out of your peripheral vision.

Human anatomy means that hat sizes are too small for helmets 

Another thing to consider is that most straw hats you can buy are made to fit a human head. Even the largest sizes that are commercially available are still much smaller than the outer circumference of a US CPSC certified bicycle helmet.

Reshape a hat with heat and steam

During my live stream on Facebook, I attempted to stretch a basic straw hat into a form that fits a Nutcase brand bicycle helmet. The process involves removing the original hat band and sweat band, then applying heat and steam to alter the "memory" of the woven straw. At this point, the process is by no means complete, but it will give you an idea about how to start.


  • Posted on by Bike Pretty

    Good news! The Straw Hat Bike Helmet can be hand washed with gentle laundry detergent, and can be air dried.

    To restore a smooth appearance to the cover, I recommend that you:
    1. install the cover on the helmet
    2. get the brim quite wet
    3. lay the brim flat on a table
    4. gently smooth any wrinkles with your hands
    5. let the cover air dry overnight

    If the above steps don’t do the trick, you can also iron the brim using the “Rayon/Silk” setting and a wet press cloth. Let the hat cool completely before moving it from the pressing surface.

    If your Straw Hat Helmet cover still looks yellow after washing and drying, please reach out to info (@) so I can learn more!

  • Posted on by Dolores M Rice
    My hat has turned yellow can it be


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