From Formalwear to Fitness: Meet Ellie Day, Founder of Ellie Day Activewear


Working on my own small business can feel pretty lonely. Fortunately, I'm part of a larger community of other designers and shop-owners where I get to meet some really amazing people with super cool products.

A well dressed woman on a green lawn takes a big swing at a golf ball.

Meet Ellie (legal name of Elaine). A formalwear designer, she began her journey to create golf, tennis, and active apparel during the pandemic when all of her brides canceled their wedding dress (and pantsuit) orders.

Behind the Business: Ellie Day Activewear

Q: Why did you start Ellie Day Activewear?

A: I started Ellie Day Activewear because I wanted to bring a touch of femininity to traditionally male-dominated sports like golf. Initially, I worked as a designer in NYC, specializing in prints and graphics for Betsey Johnson.

When the pandemic hit, I saw an opportunity to pivot back to my beloved color wheel and design exclusive patterns for golf. Most of my collections revolve around feminine details and florals because I want women to feel empowered and stylish on the golf course.

I know that my Lace Detailed Polo with the detailed collar and the sleeveless Cosmic Flower Golf Shirt are so popular because of how the designs embrace the feminine. 

Portrait of Ellie Day, founder of Ellie Day Activewear. The photo shows a stunning caucasian woman with flowing blond hair and intelligent eyes.

Q: What do you love most about running Ellie Day Activewear?

A: What truly excites me about running Ellie Day Activewear is the deep connection I make with people. It's incredibly moving when I learn how one of my creations has touched someone's life, providing them with confidence and style on the golf course, and active apparel in inclusive sizing…our core performance wear XXS-6XL.

A woman’s body size and type should not define her style and interests.  

Ellie believes that women deserve to feel confident, especially while playing sports.

Q: What is your favorite Ellie Day Activewear product and why?

A: My favorite Ellie Day Activewear product has to be our golf apparel line. I have a personal connection to it because it represents breaking stereotypes and embracing one's identity on the golf course.

Our golf apparel is designed with exclusive patterns and feminine details, providing women with a sense of empowerment and style. These pieces are like personal affirmations of confidence and individuality.

golf apparel is designed with exclusive patterns and feminine details

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