Budget Friendly Straw Hat Bike Helmet

Photograph of a smiling caucasian woman wearing a straw hat cover over a bicycle helmet. In the background is a child riding a longtail cargo bike, also wearing a straw hat cover bike helmet. The text overlay reads "Hot Tip: Budget Friendly Straw Hat Bike Helmet"

Budget Alternative

Have you wanted the Bike Pretty Straw Hat Bike Helmet but need a more budget-friendly option? You're in luck! Here’s how to configure a less expensive version of my best-selling helmet and cover combo without compromising on quality or style.

Popular Choice

Listen, the Straw Hat Bike Helmet is loved by many for its outstanding features such as its slim profile, convincing hat effect, and interchangeable covers, making it a top choice for riders who love to express their personal style. However, I understand that the price might be a barrier for some.

Key Components

The Straw Hat Bike Helmet has two key components that make it stand out:

  • Slim Profile: The YAKKAY Smart 2 is the preferred base helmet for the Straw Hat Bike Helmet. It’s designed to closely follow the contours of the human head to minimize the “mushroom” effect of traditional bike helmets.
  • Interchangeable Covers: Thanks to the specialized design of the YAKKAY Smart 2 Base Helmet, it is compatible with all YAKKAY cover designs. No other bicycle helmet on the market offers this level of versatility.
Animated gif showing the YAKKAY Smart 2 Base helmet and the collection of compatible helmet covers that go with it.

However, the YAKKAY Smart 2 base helmet has to be imported from Germany, which significantly contributes to the overall cost of the Straw Hat Bike Helmet. I basically don’t make any profit on the helmets themselves but I make them available because they are the best fit for the Straw Hat Helmet Covers.

Affordable Alternative

To create a budget-friendly version, try this alternative:

  • Remi Retrospec Helmet on Amazon: Instead of the YAKKAY Smart 2 base helmet, use this stylish helmet available on Amazon for less than half the price. It's more affordable and still compatible with the Straw Hat Helmet Cover Only.

The best part about the Remi Retrospec Helmet is that the helmet size corresponds directly with the cover size of the Bike Pretty Straw Hat Cover Only. You can find the Remi Retrospec Helmet on Amazon for generally under $40.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to assemble your customized product:

Step 1: Order the Remi Retrospec Helmet in the size that matches your head circumference. For example, for a head circumference of 22.5 inches, order the Remi in size Small.
Step 2: Order the Straw Hat Helmet Cover in the US size that matches the Remi helmet. For example, if you ordered the helmet in size Small, order the Cover Only in size M - US Small. Use the code REMI10 to save 10% at checkout.
Step 3: Install the Straw Hat Bike Helmet Cover as demonstrated in the video below. Spray clean water on the Straw Hat Helmet Cover to relax the weave of the textile and help it conform to the shape of the Remi Retrospec Helmet.

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to install the Bike Pretty Straw Hat Helmet Cover on a Retrospec Remi Helmet:

Cost Comparison

Let's look at the numbers:

Component Straw Hat Bike Helmet with YAKKAY Cover Only + Retrospec Helmet Version Savings
Base Helmet $99 $32.99
Straw Hat Helmet Cover $109 $98.10**
Total $199* $131.09 $67.91

*after bundle discount
**after REMI10 discount

By choosing the Remi Retrospec Helmet as your base helmet, you save $67.91!

Style on a Budget

This less expensive version of the Straw Hat Bike Helmet is a great way to achieve that cute cottagecore look without breaking the bank. The beauty of this configuration is that if you want to unlock even more helmet covers by switching to the YAKKAY Smart 2 base helmet, your original Straw Hat Cover Only will fit the Smart 2 (as long as you buy the matching size of helmet).

Hope this helps you bike a little more pretty! Let me know how it goes and reach out if you have any questions.

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