Karina T. Jones' Ballad of 90s Armani (Cycle) Chic


Straight outta 1992, in the best way. With photoshop skillz to match.

Devoted readers of this blog should be familiar with Karina by now. Yep, she's of the ilk who can get away with just one name. Like Madonna. Incidentally, when I asked her to pose for another Bike Pretty Tweed Run portrait for the third year and counting, she deadpanned, "Someone just told me I look like Madonna in the '80s. I don't know if that's a good thing." Judging from the woosh! of tweed-street style photographers (srsly, the subgenre exists) that rushed in behind me to snap her likeness on these steps, I'm gonna go with Yes. It is definitely a good thing. I was feeling all Sarto circa 2010. Leave my girl alone, peeps. 

Except the reference was a bit off: apart from the earrings (maybe), Karina's whole look skipped over '80s Madonna, instead spelling '90s-era Armani Chic. A quick skim through Pinterest confirmed my suspicions. Timeless images of Shalom Harlow, Christy Turlington and other iconic models of yore stared cooly back at me, defiant, nonchalant, vaguely androgynous and exuding confidence - much like Karina herself, peu importe the outfit. 

Aldo Fallai x Armani perfection. Scope more of his work on this Italian website designed in the dark ages of the internet, or make it easier on yourself and just head to Pinterest or Tumblr. 

She always manages to look both classic and rigorously au courant at once, and as a dedicated follower of fashion, she is always on point: Giorgio Armani celebrated 40 years in business this month, and the lensman behind all those iconic images, one Aldo Fallai, headlined a retrospective that opened Pitti Uomo last year.

To nail this combination of on-trend timeliness whilst remaining faithful to her singular look is a testament to this girl's innate sense of style. As is her beautifully appointed Mercian bike; complete with wooden mudguards and black leather gropes across the handlebars. But my crush is already well-documented. She is le nec plus ultra

I especially love the red brogues and ecru knit gloves with black leather trim. And who can deny the appeal of a black beret slung to one side. A vision on two wheels, as usual. For more of Karina's studious eye for fashion, check out her styling portfolio. Chock-full of gorgeous imagery, you're sure to find an outfit idea or two amongst her tumble of pretty pictures, bike-shots included.

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