• Slippery pedals? This product will fix your shoe woes

    Slippery pedals? This product will fix your shoe woes

    Once I totally ate s*** on my bike because my shoe slipped off the pedal. Ironically, I was wearing a pair of flat athletic shoes (and not my fancy heels). But the sole was worn down to such a slickness that when I stood up to power myself over one of Florence's bridges, I ended up face down on the flagstones instead. No one...
  • Bike Pretty Gear

    Bike Pretty Gear

    I've been working on some new Bike Pretty gear. The first is a wallet, made in the same silver-metallic leather as the trim on the Bike Pretty Satchel. In fact, every time I make a satchel, I also make a wallet. It's a chance to play around with the materials and try out new combinations. I love the all-silver exterior. It's like party on the outside, money...
  • Bike Bag Giveaway from Detours

    Bike Bag Giveaway from Detours

    I'm hosting a bike bag giveaway! Enter to win this adorable (and seasonally appropriate) handlebar bag from Detours. Now that I mention it, how do you carry your stuff while on your bike? Do you carry your cellphone in your boot? Do you pack spare coconuts in the hood of your hoodie? (Only to forget when you try to cover your noggin.) Maybe you keep...
  • Dazzling Blue Gift Guide: Presents for People Who Ride Bikes

    Dazzling Blue Gift Guide: Presents for People Who Ride Bikes

    Last week Pantone, the venerable color forecasting company, announced 2014's Color of the Year: Puke Purple Radiant Orchid. I must admit, I am disappointed.  Not that I was expecting a pick as awesome as last year's Emerald Green. But it's obvious that the most culturally relevant color from Pantone's Spring Summer line-up is No. 18-3949, a.k.a. Dazzling Blue. Personally, I could care less about the...
  • Must Read Links

    Hey, I'm feeling really good about this week's must read links. Lots of style conundrums to ponder over the weekend. ︎ I thought that we had already been through this last year. But recently tons of people started e-mailing me about the so-called Invisible Helmet. Like, I got a flood of links last week. Since I can't ignore it, here's why the Invisible Bike...
  • Mailbag: How To Store Bikes At Home - Dutchies & Mixtes

    Mailbag: How To Store Bikes At Home - Dutchies & Mixtes

    Do you have any recommendations for a wall mount that can hang a dutchie-style bike horizontally? Finding something functional and pretty is proving more challenging than anticipated ☺ -Christina M via the Bike Pretty Facebook Page Hi Christina, I feel your pain. Bike storage is an issue I struggle with every single day. Cramming seven bikes into a three-bedroom San Francisco apartment is an...
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