• Must Read Links

    This week's must read links include Martha Stewart's definitive guide to your next punk rock soirée, Dorothy Parker's catalog of broken engagements, the truth about Viking women, and more. Enjoy!
  • Anjou Vélo Vintage: Why Don't You...go Garçonne?

    Anjou Vélo Vintage: Why Don't You...go Garçonne?

    It's hard to believe that seven whole weeks have passed since the Anjou Vélo Vintage ride.  And yet.  We've done a lot of learning since that blissful, crémant-soaked weekend in France's Loire Valley.  Despite the many distractions at hand.   Yes, between all the #wineshopping and lazy field-of-wildflower lounging, we couldn't ignore the manifold Lessons in Bike Pretty on display at this 2014 edition.  Take this fine garçonne...
  • Must Read Links

    How's the long weekend treating you? Make the most of your bonus day with these must read links. I've been saving them up for months. It's a good batch. Fashion is heavily influenced by functional apparel. Famously, blue jeans morphed from sturdy, miners' gear to the epitome of LA chic. And this sort of style evolution is happening all the time. Check out how a...
  • Anjou Chic: Style Tips for your Next Vintage Ride

    Anjou Chic: Style Tips for your Next Vintage Ride

    1. Plan for inclement weather. Forecasts promise some scary clouds & lightning bolts, so it's best to make like Melissa last year:  bring a light cardigan to cover up that cute '50s-y match set.  And don't think you can get away without hosiery...
  • Seen In The Wild: The Bike Pretty Satchel

    Seen In The Wild: The Bike Pretty Satchel

    How gorgeous does Kelly look in her Alistair dress, matching ghillie sandals, and Bike Pretty Satchel? Photographed by Isabelle O'Carroll at the Hyères Festival last month. Look closely and you'll spot a Michaux Club snazzy reflective/metallic tassel. Definitely a must-have. Kelly assures me that she also spent plenty of time biking around Paris with her satchel and that a couple Vélib shots are coming our...
  • Must Read Links

    Must Read Links

    A generous handful of must read links for your long Easter weekend.  
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