How to bike in a skirt: DIY Skirt Band

How to bike in a skirt, with this DIY Skirt Band

Hi everyone! We are Maja and Maja two best friends from Croatia and we are so happy to be guests here on the Bike Pretty blog with our DIY. Thanks so much for welcoming us!

We almost always wear skirts or dresses while biking. And we had the typical “everyone will see our panties” problem while riding our bikes. Then one day while doing another DIY for our blog we came up with the idea to use magnets to keep our skirts in place.

Inspired by the ingenious Bird Industries Bicycle Skirt Garter, our skirt bands use the power of magnets and were so easy to make. Besides holding your skirt down while riding, these bands are very discreet and gentle on your pantyhose, which makes them great for riding in autumn, winter, or spring time.

This DIY is super easy. There’s no excuse not to try it!

Materials and tools (for 2 bands)

4 super strong magnets

elastic (a bit wider than your magnets)

PU leather (faux leather)

tape measure



sewing machine and thread

How to:

1. Measure your thigh a bit above your skirt's bottom hem. This will be your measurement for the elastic - cut two. Fold one end of the elastic over the other and pin. The fold should be big enough for your magnet to fit inside + a little extra for seam allowance. Repeat the same with the other band. 


2. With a zig-zag stitch, sew three edges of the folded elastic and repeat with the other band (as shown in photo). This way you will get a small pocket in both elastic-rubber bands. Slide your magnets inside these pockets and close the openings with a zig-zag stitch.

3. Cut  four heart shapes out of PU leather.  If you don't want hearts, you can cut any shape you like, as long as it is bigger than your magnets.

4. Place two hearts wrong sides facing each other and sew together leaving a small opening. Slide magnet through the opening and sew it closed. Repeat with the other pair and you are finished!

Put your elastic bands on your thighs, secure your skirt in place with magnetic hearts  and you are good to go! :) When you are done riding just put your hearts in your bag, or leave them if it's windy.  ;)

We hope you like it!

Maja and Maja

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