• Bike Chic Outfit Ideas: Easter Sunday

    Bike Chic Outfit Ideas: Easter Sunday

    Bike Chic Outfit Ideas for a Chilly Spring There is still a chill in the air. Colorful coats are a good start for outfit ideas. Looking forward to springtime, my color palette represents new growth: yellow, green, and blue. But who am I kidding? I wear these colors all year long, but they only seem seasonally appropriate on Easter Sunday. Even a stopped clock...
  • Street Style Outfit Ideas: Tori

    Street Style Outfit Ideas: Tori

    Tori's Bicycle Print Street Style I spotted Tori on 24th St in Noe Valley yesterday. I must admit that I lost my cool and started gushing over her bicycle print dress. Fortunately she was a good sport and posed for me anyway. Adorable, right? And if you'd like to get the look for yourself, I put together this set in Polyvore. Shopping guide:
  • Cycle Chic Outfit Ideas: Ribbon Corset

    Cycle Chic Outfit Ideas: Ribbon Corset

    A Cycling Corset - Bike Chic Outfit Ideas I picked this copper-colored corselet simply because I love it. Just one problem: I didn't want to look like a member of a bicycle burlesque revue. (Although bikelesque seems awesome!) However, I'm really glad that I challenged myself to come up with bike-able outfit ideas for Honey Cooler Handmade's lingerie. Thinking of the corset as an extra-fancy decorative belt...
  • Zubaz Challenge: Outfit of the Day

    Zubaz Challenge: Outfit of the Day

    Outfit of the Day - Zubaz Challenge Edition Let's be honest about outfit of the day blogs. It's easy to look great when you put together a bunch of cool, designer clothes. But what about taking something un-chic and making it work? Two bloggers that I admire, Michelle of Kingdom of Style and Jennie of Going West, recently raised the difficulty level. They took a...
  • Outfit of the Day: Silky Emerald Bloomers

    Outfit of the Day: Silky Emerald Bloomers

    Silky Emerald Bloomers for Outfit of the Day I'm bringing bloomers back! Is there a more perfect garment for cycle chic? Perhaps, but bloomers are cute, comfy, and protect your dignity even while biking in the shortest dress. Honey Cooler Handmade is a line of gorgeous lingerie inspired by Edwardian under-garments. I stopped by the studio where I met Stephanie. She is the brains,...
  • Outfit of the Day: Black & White Polka Dot

    Outfit of the Day: Black & White Polka Dot

    Black & White Polka Dot: Outfit of the Day When you're going for print-mixing, remember the rule of threes. For example, I'm wearing only three colors. Black and white in equal amounts while red is the accent color. I'm also limited to only three patterns. Start with the polka dot of the shirt. Then it's inverted to white-on-black for the skirt. Finally there are thick stripes,...
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